Benefits of Physical Media to the Independent Artist Income

Benefits of Physical Media to the Independent Artist Income

We began following the physical media industry in 2018 as we started developing revenues in the street where, using StockX as a dinosaurs to follow price trends

We initially began in researching music related sneakers to compare them to the general releases of sneakers that we’re not Music related. We found that these items sold in similar volume our units or more than their generic items on the same product line.

What is a large differences in an artist ticket value in comparison to their physical items value. Large OTIS would sell out their concerts and their physical. Aiden releases with their physical items traditionally would hold market values, much lower than their tickets, but I’ll still be moving large volume in numbers over time we saw various items from artist, end of doubling and tripling in value within a few years were there they said front counter parts on the same product line would never appreciated these kinds of values

Are we began researching Kendrick, Lamar, and Post Malone who had various items release the long side, different albums in their career

We saw a pattern where these artist product lines would exponentially grow alongside every musical album released if the album streamed well it would bring market value to not only the latest release of the item but the earlier releases they were 18 in collectible valuation

Inside our research of StockX, we noticed the same trend clothing and physical media items like vinyl records and CDs. 

Alongside a research we began looking at first edition for artist that drew exponentially in the 90s and 2000s when vinyl records were no longer popular. This area also included the death of CDs in the transition to digital music revenue

Buy 2015 to 360 deal in large music labels who is very common. Most artist who grew from 2015 onwards were signed into these types of deals.

Artist began losing control of their creative development and control of their revenues across all of the revenue streams. This is good in some ways is it allowed partnership to begin in music. In other words, it caused a quick rise and fall of many artist, as it became more valuable to the record labels to have new artists to launch every year. A new artist is always the better, but then your last starters because they have growth potential if an artist began failing in the first 18 to 36 months of their career, they would lose marketing budget and production budgets for the future albums. 

This happened throughout music history back to the story of Wu-Tang clan wear their visionary lead RZA was signed to an independent deal, atrociously different from his creative vision. He ended up failing miserably and his solo career the first time around but he collected  so much domain and experience in the music industry. He was able to develop a rock-solid business plan as a group, the Wu-Tang Clan. They grew revenues with their own clothing line starting in the 1990s before it was very common place to be doing so they’ve been turned down major distribution rates for their brand and finance their clothing line as a team to maintain creative control.

The fact remains that hard work and consistency leads to a successful music career talents can be found everywhere, at any local bar with the main stream value, but without understanding the business side and growing as an LLC, rather than it, rather than a solo artist, no artist is able to attend main stream popularity

Although we are in an era where artists can go to a following and earn a very comfortable living, even with a smaller Nisha, yet, or even without a tour ring, history, or performing at any live events at all. 

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