How Did Beyonce Beat Taylor Swift in Touring Revenue with Cheaper Tickets?

How Did Beyonce Beat Taylor Swift in Touring Revenue with Cheaper Tickets?

News recently has been released that Beyonce's tour will beat Taylor Swift's tour in revenue by roughly $200 million dollars.  With a potential to beat by up to $500 million by the tours end.

Ironically, Taylor Swift tickets are more expensive on the resale market - why?

Beyonce tickets have been dynamically priced week to week.  This allows fans who missed purchasing at the initial release of tickets to still purchase directly from Beyonce, but at variable prices based on demand.

On one hand, fans may be angry that Beyonce is charging $400-$1,000 per ticket, but on the other hand they still have a shot at getting tickets under $1,000.  The Taylor Swift tour, has seen the cheapest tickets reach $2,000 or higher in the final weeks as the shows approach. 

Reference: Philadelphia, Lincoln Financial Field 5/12 - 5/14, Taylor Swift

Both Taylor Swift and Beyonce are known to have the most loyal / committed fanbases that have extreme demand for live events.  Releasing about 2 million tickets for the USA.  The USA has a population of about 330 million people.  Roughly 0.6% of the United States has the chance to see either of these acts this year.  Causing prices to skyrocket.

On the other hand, Taylor Swift sold her tour out immediately (at lower prices) which left nearly no tickets for the secondary market.  So fans who purchased on the day of release were lucky, but the millions of other fans have less feasible options.

Which option is better?  Selling all of your tickets to fans who won't give them up initially?  Or allowing fans to purchase at variable dynamic market prices as the events approach?


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